Pepper Sprout Design

About the Artist

Jessica E. Wood


Growing up on a small farm on the edge of a national forest in rural upstate New York, my childhood days were spent surrounded by farm life and natural beauty.  I was raised in a family of naturalists and wildlife artists which strongly influenced my creative pursuits.  I began drawing and painting with intent at around age 8, having been inspired by the works of my artist uncles.   Art was a means of expression that felt both natural and exciting to me from the very beginning, and I still experience that same sense of surprise as I witness my initial idea for a piece evolving into something new.

I enjoying drawing in pencil and ink and often these pieces are quite detailed.  When painting, however, I am attracted to pastels because this medium forces me to become looser and more relaxed in my approach; to say more with less.

Horses and birds are some of my favorite subjects to paint, but I am fascinated by all manner of subject, and strive to portray animals and people in unique and unexpected ways.  My recent works often depict wild animals in juxtaposition to manmade objects and environments.  I believe this trend arose from my interests and concerns regarding man’s tenuous connection to and responsibility toward the natural world.  Growing up in a farming community I witnessed the human struggle to find balance within the natural environment.  I would like to continue to explore this theme through my art. 

I hope that you enjoy my work, and I thank you for your interest. Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding any of my works, or for information about commissioning an equine portrait.

Jessica Wood